No Man’s Education Is Ever Finished…

No man’s education is ever finished, the library is open daily….humans are a great teachers and the Bible is available in the App Store.

We must learn from everyone whether how to or how not to…

Optimism is a great tool to acquire, a negative mental attitude affects ones total surroundings.

Smile, even in the face of adversity your outcome may not be as favorable as you’d hope, but if handled right you will certainly be stronger for it. Smile, smile and don’t forget to smile again. You are judged through your facial expression….

Be flexible, never hold a grudge, never blame your misfortune on others and take honest self inventory…

Encourage yourself and dance as if nobody is watching. Find out your true purpose and be sincere as you work toward your God given innate ability.

Your personality can make you a priceless commodity or an invisible use of space. We can reach perfection with hard work…
Our job is never done, it starts all over again in the morning.
Good night!!!!



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